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Mother and Child

A One of a Kind, All Inclusive, Nanny Agency 

Our Website

Embark on a worry-free childcare journey with our user-friendly Coastal Child Care Website. Discover certified nannies and post your nanny placement job seamlessly on our website– all in a few clicks!

Personalized Matching

We carefully consider your family's unique needs, values, and preferences to connect you with caregivers who fit seamlessly into your family's dynamic, ensuring a harmonious and enriching experience for everyone.

NO Placement Fee

Unlike agencies with a large placement fee, we believe in ensuring the right fit. Coastal Child Care uses a biweekly service fee and a small Launch Fee for your convivence! 

Childcare Tax Credit

Unlock the financial benefits of Coastal Child Care by taking advantage of our tax write-offs. Not only experience exceptional care for your child but also enjoy potential tax savings, making high-quality childcare more affordable than ever.

Vetted Caregivers

Enjoy peace of mind with our thoroughly vetted caregivers. Our rigorous selection process, ensures that your family receives the highest standard of professionalism and expertise in childcare


We excel in fostering seamless communication between our dedicated administrative team and valued clients. You can expect prompt, and responsive interactions ensuring your childcare needs are met with the utmost care and efficiency.

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